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Growing up with RECORD BOOTHS in the MOVIES

1944 Marine Raiders

1947 Brighton Rock

1950 At War With the Army

1950 Quicksand

1958 The Lineup

1961 Flintstones  "The Girls Night Out"

1963 Courtship of Eddie's Father

1965 Inside Daisy Clover

1966 Masculin Feminin

1973 M*A*S*H

1973 Badlands

1973 The Last American Hero

1974 Flip Wilson Show

1986 Absolute Beginners

1992 That Night

2011 American Gangster

2013 Masters of Sex

Rent or buy these legacy films from their appropriate copyright owner, and watch them with  new appreciation for the Record Booth scene!

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Learn more about VoiceOGraph Record Booths.

Learn about who invented the VoiceOGraph, who is behind the reemergence of the VoiceOGraph, and some cool stuff in between!

Over the decades movies have reflected the experience of a Record Booth. See for yourself!

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